Bridge to Baltics | Relaxing Tour
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Relaxing Tour


Vilnius – Riga – Tallin


Cross the Baltics is a carefully arranged tour to the three capitals of Baltic States: Vilnius, Riga and Tallin. Each of them represents a face each country: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.

With the company of a dedicated guide and driver, you will enjoy crossing each country enjoying with beauty of nature, getting touch with history and destinies. You will also enjoy traditional dishes of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Sit back and relax as you enjoy this 7-days vacation crossing Baltic States!


3 capitals: guiding visits of Vilnius, Riga, Tallin;

Lunch and dinner;

Entrances to the churches;

Visits: Castle of Trakai, Rundale Palace, Art Nouveau of Riga, Gauja National Park, Parnu.

…And many more!

1 DAY: Arrival at Vilnius International airport;→ transfer to→ hotel; check-in; →

2 DAY: Panoramic tour of the city entering the church of San Peter and Paul – known as one of the 16 most beautiful churches in the world with more than 2000 stucco sculptures with different faces, who smile in the morning and in the afternoon look tired. The Cathedral of St. Stanislav and St. Vladislav – the center of Lithuanian speaking Catholics, the Gothic corner with the churches of St. Francisco, and St. Ann – the one that Napoleón wanted to take to Paris. The gates of the Dawn- known by all the pilgrims from Lithuania, Poland, who usually travel to the gate and have mass in the street full of practitioners. Transfer to Trakai historical national park (27 km from Vilnius). Following the tour you will pass through the medieval capital Trakai famous for its castle in the Island from which the enormous territory of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania was governed, which extended from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea. In the medieval capital there is local tribe (the Karaites), who lives in Trakai since 15 century.  Although today there are 64 people of this ethnic group who lives in Trakai. In the Trakai peninsula there are many religions such as Catholicism, Karaism, Orthodox Christians, Islam.

3 DAY: Transfer from Vilnius toward Riga. The trip takes all the day visiting the Hill of Crosses in Ltihuania, the Palace of Rundale in Latvia. Hill of Crossess is a place of religious pilgrims. A hill in the middle of a land completely planted with thousands of crosses and crucifixes. Of all sizes: acquiring its world-wide fame when being visited by John II. After visiting the Hill, lunch near the hill we continue towards Rundale castle of Latvia and laterr toward Riga – capital of Latvia.

4 DAY: Panoramic tour in Riga visiting the district of Art Nouveau of Riga.

5 DAY: Stop in Parnu – the seaside resort of Estonia. It is the summer capital, where Estonians come to spend their holidays. The white beaches of fine sand, the sea with strong waves if the wind makes, and the areas of pines, formed by the wind creates romantic and quite wild landscape. The city in history was very important to the Danes, Swedes, Russians and Estonians. So far many people come here for medicinal mud. Following the path through the woods we approach Tallinn by bus. Dinner at the hotel. Night tour of Tallinn’s Old Town (optional).

6 DAY: Panoramic tour of the medieval city and then along the promenade. Visit of the Gothic convent of the fifteenth century dedicated to St. Bridget where they hadnuns, and monks living.

7 DAY: End of the trip. Transfer to the airport.

Size of your group

Price per person

Price per group

1 pers 420 € 420 €
2 pers 420 € 840 €
10 pers 420 € 4200 €