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Minsk – Kaliningrad – Klaipeda – Vilnius*

*The tour can start in Vilnius, tour destination could be changed on your request.


Across three countries: Belarus, Russia (Kaliningrad) and Lithuania is a carefully arranged tour to the main historical cities: Minsk, Nesvizh, Grodno, Druskininkai, Marijampole, Kaliningrad,  Svetlogorsk, Nida, Klaipeda, Kaunas, Trakai and Vilnius.

With the company of a dedicated guide and driver, you will enjoy crossing each country enjoying beauty of nature, getting in touch with history and destinies.

Sit back and relax this 8-days vacation crossing 3 different but historically so close countries!


Important cities: Minsk, Nesvizh, Lida, Grodno, Druskininkai, Marijampole, Kaliningrad, Svetlogorsk, Nida, Juodkrante, Klaipeda, Kaunas, Trakai and  Vilnius.

Lunch and dinner;

Entrances to the churches, museums;

Visits: Nesvizh Castle, Mir Castle, Lida Castle, Trakai Castle. 

…And many more!

1 DAY: Arrival to Minsk; Transfer to hotel.

2 DAY: Minsk

Starting from the “Minsk Gate” we will make a complete visit of the city, crossing its important avenues, such as those of Kirow or Independence and before our eyes will burst endless boulevards and public gardens a well developed structure of Soviet architecture. In the picturesque “High City”, we can find its oldest buildings, in a set of narrow streets, full of classic restaurants, cafes and sculptures. There are also the museums and the Town Hall; without forgetting the Orthodox Cathedral, the one known as “Red church” or the catholic one of St. Peter and St Paul.

3 DAY: Nesvizh – Mir – Grodno – Druskininkai

Departure to the town of Nesvizh where we will visit its imposing Palace, historical residence of one of the most important dynasties of the Polish-Lithuanian nobility, princes. Lunch in another Mir castle, and departure to the city of Grodno – one of the most beautiful cities in the country. It’s wooden Church of St Boris and St Gleb (12th century), and its Old Castle or the Cathedral of St Francis Xavier are must see places  while in Grodno. Arrival at the border of Belarus – Lithuania. Dinner and accommodation in the city of Druskininkai – a lovely spa town of Lithuania with natural mineral water.

4 DAY: Druskininkai Marijampole – Region of Kaliningrad

Departure to the border of Lithuania – Russia, stopping at Marijampole – the capital of the Lithuanian region Sudovia. The historically richest region of the country. Short visit to the city center and the poetry park, formed on the bank of Šešupė river. Lunch in Marijampole and continuation towards the border. After crossing the border continuation towards Kaliningrad. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.  Night in Kaliningrad.

5 DAY: Kaliningrad

Guided tour of the old part of Kaliningrad with the castle of Tangaste, the  first Prussian castle, the royal gate, the fortifications of the eighteenth – twentieth centuries, the cathedral with the museum of the philosopher I. Kant.After lunch free time. As an option you can visit the World Ocean Museum established on ships including a submarine. Dinner at Neselbek Castle with a special program about medieval times.


6 DAY: Kaliningrad –  Jantarny – Svetlogorsk – Kaliningrad

Departure to the city of  Jantarny – the city of amber mines. Visit of the house of one of the first Beker’s amber extractors, to the church given by Beker to the workers of amber mines, the promenade of the sea coast. Lunch in the city of Svetlogorsk  with spectacular views of the sea coast, with architectural monuments such as the Lutheran church, houses with its Baltic-German stories, a sundial. Dinner and night in Kaliningrad.




7 DAY: Kaliningrad – Nida – Juodkrante – Klaipeda

After breakfast we will departure to Curnonian Spit, peninsular situated in Curonian Spit National Park in Lithuania and the Kurshskaya National park of Russian Federation.  Curonian spit  is protected by UNESCO especially in the part of Lithuania. After crossing the border of Russia – Lithuania, first stop in the Nida. Walk through the dunes of Parnidis, taking advantage of the views of the Baltic Sea and the closed part of Curonian Lagoon , the Death Valley, where the French soldiers are buried. Another stop in Juodkrante, visit to the Hill of Witches (wooden sculptures park).

Taking ferry across Curonian Lagoon and night in Klaipeda.

8 DAYKlaipeda – Kaunas

Visit of the port city – Klaipėda with 18th-century buildings, the neo-Gothic post office, the Theater Square, where the fountain and sculpture “Taravos Anike” a character of German folk songs, are located and the University of Klaipeda – former building of the military headquarters. Departure to Kaunas having lunch on the road in one of the typical fish restaurants. Visit to Kaunas – the second  biggest city of Lithuania – the heart of the country with magnificent history and its churches on the banks of the rivers.  Walk through the town hall square, visiting the cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul, the house of Thunder, the only church with the name of the founder – Vytautas the Great, Liberty Avenue with a avenue of 577 linden trees towards the church of St. Michael the Archangel in neo-Byzantine style. Overnight in Kaunas.

8 DAYKaunas – Rumšiškės – Trakai – Vilnius

Leaving Kaunas, visit to  the Rumšiškės ethnographic museum. The largest museum in Europe in terms of the number of authentic objects, calculating more than 91240. On an area of  194 hectares, the 5 regions of Lithuania can be known imagining the life of the locals in the 18th – 19th centuries connected with traditions, mythology, folk songs and dances.

After lunch the route continues through the medieval capital of Trakai, famous for the castle on the island, from where the huge territory of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania was ruled, which extended from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea.  Until today one turkish tribe – Karaites are living in Trakai. Although only 60 people of this ethnic group live in Trakai, they continue preserve their culture. In the Trakai peninsula many religions such as Catholicism, Karaism, Orthodox Christians, Islam coexisted together.

8 DAY:  Vilnius

Panoramic tour of the city entering the church of St Peter and St Paul – known as one of the 16 most beautiful churches in the world with more than 2000 statues with different faces, which smile in the morning and in the afternoon seem tired. The Cathedral of St Stanislav and St. Vladislav – the center of the Lithuanian-speaking Catholics, the Gothic corner with the churches of St Francis and St Ann – which Napoleon wanted to take home with him to Paris, “in the palm of his hand”. The Gates of Dawn – known to all pilgrims from Lithuania and Poland, who often travel to the Gates and have a mass on the street full of practitioners. After lunch continuation of the visit to the republic of Užupis – the bohemian neighborhood. Ascent to the Gediminas tower – the simbol of the capital and the power of the country in medieval times. We will take advantage of the impressive panoramic view of the old town and the remote neighborhoods. Free time. Dinner. Overnight in Vilnius.

8 DAY:  Vilnius – Flight home

Please contact us for the tour to be tailored

up to your requirements