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La cueva de Gutman

Lahemaa National Park – Gauja National Park – Aukštaitija National Park – Trakai Historical National Park*

*The tour can start in Lithuania and end in Estonia, tour destination could be changed on your request.


Across the Baltic’s pearls of nature is a carefully arranged tour to the National parks of Baltic States: Lahemaa National Park  (Estonia) – Gauja National Park (Latvia) – Aukštaitija National Park (Lithuania) – Trakai Historical National Park (Lithuania).  During the trip we will have unforgettable time exploring wealth of natural beauty, history and culture of each park.

With the company of a dedicated guide and driver, you will enjoy unforgettable experiences walking, kayaking or relaxing on boat and absorbing the beauty of nature, getting in touch with history and destinies. You will also enjoy traditional dishes of each country and their ethnic groups.

Sit back and relax as you enjoy this 7-9 days vacation exploring national parks of Baltic states!


4 National parks:

  • Lahemaa National Park (Estonia)
  • Gauja National Park (Latvia)
  • Aukštaitija National Park (Lithuania)
  • Trakai Historical National Park (Lithuania)

Natural and historical monuments of the trip:

  • Lahemaa National Park: Viru bog, Palmse manor house complex, Jägala waterfall, Oandu beaver trail, Altja fishing village, and Sagadi manor. Extra entertainments – trip with the Käsmu viking ship.
  • Gauja National Park: Araisi lake castle, Cesis medieval town, Turaida museum reserve, Gutmanis cave, Sigulda, Bobsleigh and luge track.
  • Aukštaitija National Park: Ladakalnis hill, Palūšė wooden church and botanical trail, Ancient Beekeeping Museum, Ginučiai watermill. Extra entertainments – water trips by kayak.
  • Trakai Historical National Park: Trakai Island castle, Karaimes street. Extra entertainments – boat ride on Galvė lake, walking tour along the cognitive path of Varnikai Botanical Zoological Reserve.

Overnights in Tallinn, Riga, Sigulda, Vilnius.

Lunch and dinner;

…And many more!

DAY 1: Tallinn

Arrival at Tallinn International airport; transfer to hotel; check-in;

Panoramic tour of the city entering to the Dome cathedral, Alexander Nevsky cathedral – the large and richly decorated Russian Orthodox church. Exploring Tallinn’s medieval Old Town and their peripheries as Kadriorg suburb which became residential area for rich citizens, intellectuals, Kadriorg park and palace, promenade along the coast of Baltic sea with the memorial monument –  Russalka  dedicated to the Russian navy vessel victims, making stop at Tallinn’s Song Festival Grounds and leading to other suburb – Pirita.


DAY 2:  Lahemaa National Park

Going to Lahemaa National Park will start with Viru bog nature trail  – 3.5 km of incredibly diverse and colorful walk. Other stops – Palmse manor house complex, Jägala waterfall, Oandu beaver trail, Altja fishing village, and Sagadi manor.  Extra entertainments – trip with the Käsmu viking ship.

Overnight in Lahemaa national park.



DAY 3 : Lahemaa National Park – Parnu – Gauja National Park

Stop in Parnu – the seaside resort of Estonia. It is the summer capital, where Estonians come to spend their holidays. The white beaches of fine sand, the sea with strong waves if the wind makes, and the areas of pines, formed by the wind creates romantic and quite wild landscape. The city in history was very important to the Danes, Swedes, Russians and Estonians. So far many people come here for medicinal mud. Following the path through the woods we approach Gauja National Park by bus.

Gauja National Park is full of historical and cultural significance. The first stop would be in medieval city – Cesis, which was established around Cēsis Medieval castle in the 13th century. We will continue our tour through Gauja national park and will make a stop at  Araisi lake castle followed by a visit to Turaida museum reserve,  Sigulda, Gutmanis cave, Bobsleigh and luge track.

Overnight in Riga.


DAY 4: Riga – Jurmala – Riga

Panoramic tour of  Riga visiting the district of Art Nouveau of Riga, Riga Central Market as largest market and bazaar in Europe with the most notable structures from 20th century, old town with the magnificent House of the Blackheads, black cat symbol and magical medicine of Riga Black Balsams.

After lunch relaxing visit of Jurmala, city of 13 villages on the isthmus between the sea and the river Lielupe. This city’s visual character contains elements of German and Russian, National Romanticism and Soviet Modernism, Postmodernism and contemporary style incorporated in impressive forest.

Not faraway from Jurmala beach there is Kemeri Bog.

In the Kemeri bog you can easily walk and see wild life on the boardwalk which is built from wooden boards and it runs in two arcs. The shorter arc is going to take you as far as the first picturesque lake, while the longer arc will let you take a look at the landscape from the observation platform above. During migration time of the birds you can see hundreds of birds – geese and cranes  flying over the bog land.

Transfer to hotel and overnight in Riga.

DAY 5: Riga – Žagarė Regional Park – Vilnius

This day we will be transferred to Lithuania and our first stop will be at Cognitive Walkway of Mūšos tyrelis, recorded as longest log path in the bog.

Your will discover and explore Žagarė regional park and manor ensemble and with a lunch stop in one of the biggest manor complex in Lithuania. Under request beer tasting might be arranged.

Then we will continue our trip to Vilnius.

Overnight in Vilnius.

DAY 6: Vilnius – Trakai Historical National Park – Vilnius

Panoramic tour of the city entering the church of St. Peter and Paul – known as one of the 16 most beautiful churches in the world with more than 2000 stucco sculptures with different faces, who smile in the morning and in the afternoon look tired. The Cathedral of St. Stanislav and St. Vladislav – the center of Lithuanian speaking Catholics, the Gothic corner with the churches of St.Francis and St. Ann – the one that Napoleón wanted to take to Paris. The gates of the Dawn- known by all the pilgrims from Lithuania, Poland, who usually travel to the gate and have mass in the street full of practitioners.

After lunch you will be transfer to Trakai Historical National Park (27 km from Vilnius). Following the tour you will pass through the medieval capital Trakai famous for its castle in the Island from which the enormous territory of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania was governed and extended from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea.




DAY 7: Vilnius – Aukštaitija National Park – Vilnius

In the morning you will be transferred to Aukštaitija national park where you will start your journey of park at Palūšė wooden church and botanical trail. Continue our trip to Ladakalnis, Ginučiai watermill and Ancient Beekeeping museum.  Later we will  continue our trip to Ladakalnis, the 176 meters high Hill and one of the most beautiful observation points with a panoramic view of 6 lakes. During the day we will explore Ancient Beekeping museum and will learn why bees are so important in Lithuanian culture and at Ginučiai watermill we will not only see its preserved ancient equipment but also will hear what is common between watermills and devils and much more.

Extra entertainments – water trips by kayak.

Overnight in Vilnius.

DAY 8: End of the trip. Transfer to the airport.


Please contact us for the tour to be tailored

up to your requirements

National park of Gauja, Latvia