Bridge to Baltics | BELARUS AND POLAND
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Warsaw – Minsk – Krakow*

*The tour can start in Krakow or Minsk, tour destination could be changed on your request.


Across Belarus and Poland is a carefully arranged tour, which gives us opportunity to feel the real life of two post-Soviet countries with different choices to manage it even both are linked to protect and to renovate their historical monuments.

With the company of a dedicated guide and driver, you will enjoy crossing each country admiring with beauty of nature, getting in touch with history and destinies.

Sit back and relax as you enjoy this 12-days vacation crossing Poland and Belarus!


12 important cities: guided visits of Warsaw, Brest, Minsk, Lida, Grodno, Augustow, Olsztyn, Gdansk, Sopot, Torun, Lodz, Krakow;

Lunch and dinner;

Entrances to the churches, museums;

Visits: Wilanow Palace, Nesvizh Castle, Mir Castle, Lida Castle,

…And many more!

1 DAY: Arrival at Warsaw; Transfer to the hotel; Dinner and accommodation

2 DAY: Warsaw

In the morning, after breakfast, we will enjoy a complete visit of Warsaw, including the Old City, the Royal Castle, the Jewish Gheto Memorial, Lazienki Park. Among other monuments within the capital of Poland we will visit Palace of Culture and Science, Church of the Holy Cross, Grand Theater and St John’s Archcathedral . Lunch in the center.

In the afternoon, visit to Wilanow Palace, one of the architectural pearls of Polish Baroque. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

3 DAY:  Warsaw – Scieldce – Brest   

After breakfast departure from Warsaw  to  Siedlce. City that during the XVIII century was one of the most outstanding cultural centers of the Republic of Poland. Its most important monuments derive from this period: the Ogiński Palace, the town hall, the classicist church of St Stanslaus or the historical park called “Aleksandria”. In the Diocesan museum, we can admire the work of El Greco: “Ecstasy of St Francis”. From here, we will depart to the Belarusian border, next to which is our next destination: Brest. In the Middle Ages, the city was involved in continuous conflicts between Poland, Lithuania and Russia. Touring its historic center, we will have clear proof of this, since there are several different cultural influences among its constructions. After Lunch, we will make a complete visit to Brest, which will include, among other monuments, its Fortress, the most visited monument in Belarus. And one of its most important symbols: the White Tower of Kamenets. The Cathedral of St. Nicholas or the Street of the Lanterns. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

4 DAY: Brest – Nesvizh – Mir – Minsk

Departure after breakfast to the town of Nesvizh; where we will make a visit of its imposing Palace, historical residence of one of the most important dynasties of the Polish-Lithuanian nobility, princes of the Holy Germanic Roman Empire. Lunch, and departure to the capital of the former Soviet Republic (120 km). Starting from the “Minsk Gate” we will make a complete visit of the city, crossing its important avenues, such as those of Kirow or Independence and before our eyes endless boulevards or public gardens will burst; and ultimately a well developed structure of Soviet architecture. In the picturesque “High City”, we can find its oldest buildings, in a set of narrow streets, full of classic restaurants, cafes and sculptures.

There are also the museums and the Town Hall; without forgetting the Orthodox Cathedral, the one known as “Red church or the catholic one of St Peter and St Paul. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

5 DAY: Minsk – Lida – Grodno

Breakfast and departure to Lida, where we will have the opportunity to visit its castle, a remarkable monument of the 14th century defensive architecture. Built by the Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas, it stands on a hill of artificial sand surrounded by the Lidea and Camenka rivers. Lunch in the area, and then to Grodno, one of the most beautiful cities in the country. The wooden church of St. Boris and St Gleb (12th century), and its Old Castle or the Cathedral of St. Francis Xavier is a must see. Arrival at the hotel, dinner and accommodation.

6 DAY: Grodno – Augustow – Masuria Lakes – Olsztyn

We will leave after breakfast towards the Polish border, and crossing the vast forest of Augustow, we can enjoy the natural swamp area, the largest in Europe. Wigry National Park thats where the Grand Canal is located; a monument of hydraulic engineering, unique in Europe, built in  XIX century, to join the slopes of the Vistula and Niemen rivers. Lunch in the area.

Later we will continue to enjoy one of the most beautiful regions of Poland, known as the “Thousand Lakes Region”. Located on the Masuria plateau, and connected between them, they form a true visual spectacle. We will visit some of the towns that are on its banks, and without leaving the privileged environment, we will arrive at the most important city in the region: Olsztyn. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.


7 DAY: Olsztyn – Gdansk

After breakfast, we will visit the city of Olsztyn. Founded by the Teutonic Order in the XIV century Olsztyn has a curious medieval historical center, and numerous monuments related to this Order, such as the Castle, from 1334, the Cathedral and its walls. After lunch, we will depart north where we will find the Baltic Sea coast.

Arrival in Gdansk. Free time until dinner. Night walk through the old town.

2 DAY: Gdansk – Sopot – Gdansk

Today after breakfast, we will have the opportunity to know the most important places of the “Main City”; as the doors: High and Golden. We will cross the heart of Gdansk through a peculiar street which they call “Royal Road”, which will remind us of the immense power of Polish kings; and that today it has become the main street, where historic buildings, such as the town hall, the market, or the houses of the rich merchants, of Hanseatic times are lined up.

Other picturesque streets, such as “Mariacka”, a place of business of amber, has kept the original decorative elements, under the ruins of the War, inspired by antique prints. After lunch, we will head north, where Sopot is located. The most important and developed locality of the Polish Baltic coast. It is also the main thermal destination in Poland; when traveling along its main avenue, we will find the original “crooked house” and the longest wooden pier in Europe, known as “El Molo”. Return to hotel, dinner and overnight.

9 DAY: Gdansk – Torun – Lodz

After breakfast, we will depart to Torun. In this world heritage city, the historic center still retains its medieval structure of the XIII century, aspect to be highlighted especially in the market square with the imposing old town hall in the center of it, today a local museum and panoramic viewpoint, from which there is the possibility of enjoying exceptional views. Among other outstanding buildings we will visit the birthplace of Nicolaus Copernicus, the University, the Ruins of the Teutonic Castle or the walls next to the Vistula River. Lunch, and departure to Lodz (165 km), the second largest city in the country. We will find in it a perfect place to get a vision of modern Poland, a lively cultural center, full of Art Nouveau buildings and where the gigantic factories of the  XIX century have been beautifully restored to replenish them with life. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

10 DAY: Lodz – Czestochowa – Krakow

After breakfast, we will depart to the spiritual center of Poland, and place where the miraculous Black Madonna is venerated.

The Częstochowa Monastery, revered since XVII century and is a national symbol. Free time and lunch. In the afternoon we will arrive in Krakow, the country’s former capital, and one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Dinner and accommodation.

11 DAY: Krakow 

Guided tour of Krakow after breakfast. We will know medieval fortifications, such as Wawel Castle; churches like St. Mary’s basilica, St Peter or St Paul. And the Market Square, one of the most impressive public spaces in Europe. Today we will have free lunch, time to enjoy independently, time that we sometimes lack. Later we will continue to discover other tourist attractions, such as its walls, Florian Gate or Planty Park; a lush forest that forms an authentic green belt around the Stare Miaste (old town). Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

12 DAY: 

Transfer to the Airport, and check-in procedures for the flight.  End of our services

Please contact us for the tour to be tailored

up to your requirements